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Zoom Hack 😂 How to Hack Zoom Online Classes with this app (Zoom Prank App)

Zoom Hack 😂 How to Hack Zoom Online Classes with this app (Zoom Prank App)
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Zoom Hack 😂 How to Hack Zoom Online Classes with this app (Zoom Prank App)

Zoom app classes, contests help pupils continue studies


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*** Posted: Jun 14, 2020 07:41 AM (IST)

*** Updated : 1 month ago

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Students of Lyallpur Khalsa College attend a session through Zoom app with
their teacher in Jalandhar. Tribune photo
Aparna Banerji
Tribune News Service
Jalandhar, June 13
While the lockdown caught students off guard, Zoom App proved to be a
substitute to the conventional classroom. Students of MA Political Science at
the Lyallpur Khalsa College for Jalandhar have been diligently attending their
political science lessons on the Zoom App ever since the lockdown has been

Like many other students hit by network woes and internet glitches - WhatsApp
has also proven to be a healthy alternative when live access was poor or
unavailable at some areas.
The college has been carrying out an array of activities to keep students
engaged. In the beginning, the college also conducted several contests to keep
up the spirits of students amid lockdown.
Varjeet Kaur, a student of MA first year, said, "We participated in a lot of
contests in the beginning. Essay writing, painting and debate contests were

held online. Students submitted debate monologues and paintings on WhatsApp
groups and then a Zoom session of joint judges and students was also held and
winners were also picked. I myself participated in various sessions. In the
beginning, classes were also held on the Zoom App. However, in June, there
have been fewer classes and we are also not clear about when we have to join
colleges back."
Varjeet, who wants to pursue PhD in political science eventually dreams of
teaching herself.
Manpreet Kaur, a teacher at the college, said, "We have covered much of the

lessons on the Zoom App earlier. There are network problems and accessibility
issues with many students from time to time but then, we are not just relying
on the Zoom App. We are also holding online sessions and sending PDFs on
WhatsApp relate to the curriculum, sharing doubts via call, holding special
sessions for revision so that students' each and every issue or doubt is
Manpreet said while revision sessions are currently on for senior classes from
June 12 to June 30, their exams would be conducted from July 2, for which

syllabus has already been covered.
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Zoom Online Classes App for Windows 10

The development of communication with smartphones has become one of the
greatest achievements of the 21st century. Over time, more and more people are
moving away from their stationary workstations to venture into an area where
they can do their job and where business is managed, simply by using a device
that is held in the palm of their hands or in the pockets of his work clothes.

This does not mean that we are abandoning the use of the PC. Instead, we
recognize the potential of our other devices that offer us an opportunity for
greater flexibility.
Designed as easy-to-use online conferencing and video conferencing software,
combining activities such as video conferencing, simple online meetings, and
group messaging on a single cloud platform; Downloading the Zoom app has
proven useful for small and medium businesses, businesses, educational

institutions, and healthcare organizations. Developed by the California
company in 2013, Zoom is designed to host and stream online meetings for up to
100 interactive video participants and 10,000 read-only participants.

Install zoom app on your desktop or mobile to attend the classes.

Note: Use the same online/offline test series email account to register for
live classes.
About ACE
ACE Engineering Academy was established in the year 1995 with a prime motto of
imparting quality education in engineering and moulding the engineering
students to crack competitive examinations. From a small coaching centre with
just a handful of students in the year 1995... Read more

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*** Classroom Coaching
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Zoom Online Classes App Download

Used by more than 500,000 customer organizations, by downloading zoom
applications, users can enjoy quality video, audio and display capabilities
and experiences, helping to improve collaboration between teams, employees and
remote assistants because they can start a Meeting instantly and join them
with just a tap on your cell phone or browser. With the position n. # 1 in
customer satisfaction, web conferencing software also enables wireless content
sharing as it improves remote access to webinars and web conferencing.

A rapping professor. A cat in class. Pornography on Zoom. How online classes

work at colleges during coronavirus
Chris Quintana
Mark Naison, 73, had just days to move online his decades-old class, a history
of music from rock ’n’ roll to hip-hop. He wasn't sure how to preserve the
raucous spirit of the course, but he had an answer that had worked for him in
“I can make a fool of myself,” he said.
The technology, mainly the video-streaming software Zoom, was unfamiliar to
him. Without a physical presence in the classroom, the professor at Fordham
University wondered how he would keep his students’ attention. He wasn't sure

how to use the music videos he had played live in class. He knew it was
important to keep students' spirits up as they struggled to adjust from in-
person courses on a campus of friends to the isolation of distance learning.
So he filmed himself rapping. His material included odes to social distancing,
hand-washing and self-quarantining.
He is not the fastest rapper, but his rhymes mostly work. And his students
seem to appreciate the lengths he is willing to get a laugh.
Imani Del Valle, a senior at the university in the Bronx in New York City,

said Naison was one of few among her professors who acknowledged the anxiety
students face.
As for the rapping videos, “they actually make you laugh, and I think that’s
what we kind of all need right now with everything going on,” she said.
That "everything" for students such as Del Valle includes transitioning to a
new class format they hadn’t anticipated at the semester’s beginning, as well
as dealing with the general distress caused by the spread of the coronavirus.
She lives in New York City, one of the areas hit hardest by the outbreak.

The USA counted more than 144,000 cases of coronavirus by Monday afternoon,
the world's highest total, and there were more than 2,500 deaths, according to
the Johns Hopkins University data dashboard.
In early March, colleges across the country canceled in-person classes en
masse, mostly switching to digital courses.
For many of those colleges, the first week was anything but smooth. Along with
the transition to digital classes, universities told students to clear the
dorms. Many scrapped traditional grades in favor of some form of pass-fail.
Graduation ceremonies are canceled or postponed.

Instructors may deal with new technologies and ways of teaching that leave
them uncomfortable. Their students are very likely spread across multiple time
zones, which can make scheduling a challenge. Some students lack decent
internet connections or up-to-date technology.
The result is not necessarily the best example of online learning – distance
courses, like in-person classes, take months to plan effectively. Perfect or
not, it's the reality of pursuing a college degree for millions of students.
The future of college:Colleges scrambled to react to the pandemic. Now, their
very existence is in jeopardy

Zoom Online Classes App

One of the most prominent and important features of the Zoom app download is
its video webinar functionality. The size of participants that video webinars
can accommodate ranges from 100 to 10,000 read-only participants and 100
interactive video participants. It brings together remote access to webinars
and content sharing, thereby facilitating the delivery of educational,
business, or organizational discussions. This feature allows users to invite
other participants to join the webinar via a software-generated URL link that

can be copied and published on social media platforms and instant messaging.
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How to join Drishti IAS Online Classes using Zoom app

*** April 18, 2020 06:40
Dear friends, this article will show you how to join our online class using
the free Zoom app. It is a simple process, explained step by step.
1\. Download Zoom software or app first. You can either use a laptop or your
phone to watch our classes. Make sure to plugin your earphones for maximum
voice clarity.
For Windows: Zoom Client for Meetings
For Android Phones: ZOOM Cloud Meetings

2\. After you install the software/app, you will have to click on the meeting
invite we send you via Email or WhatsApp.
3\. After clicking the link you will have to select Zoom app and fill out your
Name (exactly as registered with us during admission).

Zoom Online Classes App Download Free for Android, iPhone, PC, Windows. MAC,

By Aishwarya Jatana | June 25, 2020
Zoom Online Classes App Download Free for Android, iPhone, PC, Windows. MAC,
Linux: Are you looking for the best video conferencing and webinar app and
that is totally cost effective too? Here we have the download of the zoom
application for you. But first, let's understand what zoom really is.